Get Skinny with Fat Freezing

You can use a new fat freezing procedure to lose pounds of fat from your love handles, thighs, and other areas of your body. It is simple, painless and safe, which is why so many people are doing it.

The process is simple. All it requires is a Zeltiq machine, and about half an hour to an hour of your time. It can be done on your lunch break from work. What it does is wrap your fatty body parts in a cool pack and the termperature is lowered to freeze the fat.

This sounds like it might be painful but it's not. In fact, you will basically go numb from the cold, and it happens gradually so you won't notice it.

It's also safe. The only cells affected by the cool temperatures are your fat cells. Everything else remains safe and working. You can get right up from the chair and go right back to work if you want.